Safe At Work: letter to employers, March 2022

We have published a safe at work letter for people with rheumatic diseases who are located in England and are at higher risk from Covid-19 to use in discussion with their employers about how to keep safe at work, updated as government guidance changes.

We want to highlight that the Government have confirmed that, because of their continuing increased risk from Covid, people who are immunosuppressed are still advised to:

“Work from home if this feels right for you – if you cannot work from home, speak to your employer about what arrangements they can make to reduce your risk”

We are concerned that this specific guidance for immunosuppressed people may have been lost in the overall guidance changes and we therefore urge employers to continue to do all they can to support requests to work from home from your employees at highest risk from Covid. To protect those who cannot work from home, reasonable adjustments and strict adherence to risk reducing measures (set out in working safely guidance) remains as important as ever.

In the letter, we have highlighted the following key points:

  • Ask people who test positive for Covid to follow Government guidance and stay at home
  • Enable working from home wherever possible for people at highest risk who request to do so
  • Reasonable adjustments

Download the Safe At Work letter and share it with your employer as you have discussions about your safety at work.